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Techbeans solutions is an AI software company founded by senior and very senior, talented software professionals.We are offering diversified project, product development and consultancy services in field of AI, Machine learning and Deep learning.

Founded in 2014, We are a dynamic team of ML engineer and data scientists from IITs NIts and premier institutes, passionate about providing the highest quality analytics products and services using modern Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to solve problems existing within organizations.

Project List

Intrusion Detection System

As network behaviors and patterns change, and intrusions evolve, it has very much become necessary to move away from static and one-time datasets toward more dynamically generated datasets which not only reflect the traffic compositions and intrusions of that time, but are also modifiable, extensible, and reproducible.So to do this, we are going to train an ML / deep learning model to identify anomaly from a given data set.

Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection in Python using Deep Learning

This project aims to train a modelthatclassifies an image and definesthe emotion of the person,which is in the picture. Here we performthree-step image processing, feature extraction,and feature classification.

Spam Classification using Machine Learning

AI Project Idea - Every day,we get dozens of email notifications,and most of them are spam.Build a tool which can classify the emails as spam or non-spam based on the content of the email alone.

Human Activity Recognition with Video Classification

Companies that involve a lot of transactions with the use of cards need to find anomalies in the system. The project aims to build a fraud detection model on credit cards. We will use the transaction and their labels as fraud or non-fraud to detect if new transactions made from the customer are fraud or not.

Fake News Detection Project

This Project comes up with the applications of NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques for detecting the 'fake news,' that is, misleading news stories that come from thenon-reputable sources.

Credit Card Fraud Detection Project

Companies that involve a lot of transactions with the use of cards need to find anomalies in the system. The project aims to build a fraud detection model on credit cards. We will use the transaction and their labels as fraud or non-fraud to detect if new transactions made from the customer are fraud or not.

Movie Recommendation System

Recommendation engines have become hugely popular in online shopping and streaming sites.
For instance, online content streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu have a recommendation engines to customize their content according to individual customer preferences and browsing history.

Friends Recommendation

The goal of this project to recommend the according to tho person attributes like locationhobby, age, qualification, interest, etc. Here in this project, we perform the cluster analysis.

Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning

In this Machine learning project, we will attempt to conduct sentiment analysis on 'tweets' using various machine learning algorithms. We attempt to classify the polarity of the tweet where it is either positive or negative.
Heart Disease Prediction

Machine Learning-Based Chatbot

Chatbots are widely used in the industry level, where every company requires a chatbot to automate some of the customer interaction processes. AIML is an Artificial Intelligence
Markup Language that is used for building chatbots.

Question Answer Bot Using Machine Learning

Goal of this project to train a model which work as Question answer bot related specific field.

Deep Learning-BasedLanguage Translator

=> Human beings take about a year to learn a language,but computers can learn in a day. In this project, we can build a language translator model that can translate from English to the other language.

Real-Time Food Detection

The obsession of recognizing snacks and foods has been a fun theme for experimenting with the latest machine learning techniques. The highest goal will be a computer vision system that can do real-time common foods classification and localization, which an IoT devicecan be deployed at the AI edge for many food applications.

Advance AI Project

Artificial Intelligence for learning Sign Language

The main idea was then, to construct a neural network model able to classify, from the images captured by a camera, the representations of signs that the user did,in real-time. This 'user' could be a child learning at home the sign language or reinforcing what they have taught him or her at school, or it can be an adult interested in learning from scratch the sign language, for example, to begin with, the alphabet lettersor the numbers.

Road Accident Analysis using Machine Learning

There are many inventories in automobile industries to design and build safety measuresfor automobiles, but traffic accidents are unavoidable. There is a huge number of accidents prevailing in all urban and rural areas. Patterns involved with different circumstances canbe detected by developing accurate prediction modelsthat will be capable of automaticseparation of various accidental scenarios. This cluster will be useful to prevent accidents anddevelop safety measures. We believe in acquiring maximum possibilities of accident reduction using low budget resources by using some scientificmeasures.

Social Distancing Monitoring System

In the pandemic era of COVID 19,it is essential to maintain social distancing.The goal of this project to Creating the object tracking and detection system.Which monitor social distancing between a person.

Self-Driving Car (Autonomousremote-controlled car)

Train Deep Neural Network described using race car track detail. Deploythis model on raspberry py,which control the RC car.The end goal is to enable RC carsto complete the racing track autonomously.

Automatic Attendance System

In schools and colleges, a lot of time is wasted in taking the attendance of the students. The idea of the project is to automate the attendance system by using a camera that automatically recognizes the faces and marks the attendance of the people.


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Subhash waskale

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